At Southeastern Med, our role is not simply to treat illness but to also to strengthen the community. As a nonprofit hospital, we’re committed to assessing and responding to the needs of our community. We do this through programs and activities that promote health — also called Community Benefits.

Community Benefits are programs and activities that provide treatment and / or promote health as a response to identified needs in the Cambridge and surrounding communities we serve. The programs increase access to healthcare and improve community health. They are not provided for marketing purposes. A Community Benefit must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Improve access to health care services. 
  • Enhance the health of the community. 
  • Advance medical or health care knowledge. 
  • Relieve or reduce the burden of government or other community efforts.

Providing community benefits demonstrates that non-profit health care organizations, such as Southeastern Med, are fulfilling their mission of community service and meeting their charitable tax-exempt purpose as community benefit organizations. The IRS 990 H directs organizations to describe how the organization assesses the health care needs of the community it serves. Community Benefit Programs must specify community benefit goals, objectives and / or strategies.

Through a wide range of programs and services, Southeastern Med promotes prevention and early detection of health problems to help people of all ages receive the care they need. Examples of our Community Benefit programs include:

  • Health screenings for early diagnosis and referral
  • Preventive health education
  • Charity care for the uninsured and those with limited means
  • The unreimbursed cost of caring for Medicaid and Medicare patients
  • The education of health professionals

As a not-for-profit hospital, Southeastern Med provides free and part-pay hospital care for the uninsured and those with limited means. In 2012, Southeastern Med provided $13.6 million in charity care. In addition to this charity care, Southeastern Med also provided services to Medicare and Medicaid patients. Medicaid and Medicare payments from the government are significantly less than the actual cost of caring for these patients. In 2012, Southeastern Med provided $76.4 million to pay for the unfunded cost of caring for Medicaid and Medicare patients. This represents a total contribution of $90 million for uncompensated care in 2012.

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