CEO Ray ChoreySoutheastern Med has a rich tradition of delivering quality services with a special focus on the safety of our patients. Our devoted physicians and associates work hard to provide the best possible health care with the compassion, dignity and respect you deserve.

Communication is crucial to your treatment and our staff members are eager to address your questions and concerns, walking you through each step of your care, so you never feel left out. During your stay with us, we feel that it's our responsibility, and yours as well, to understand the measures taken to make you well again. We encourage you to ask questions of our physicians and nurses and speak up when you feel uncomfortable. We're here to help and ready to listen and alleviate your fears.

If you wish to discuss your stay at Southeastern Med or have any questions about your care, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. My office number is 740.439.8111.

To your quick recovery,
Raymond M. Chorey
President and CEO