As hospitals look for new ways to battle deadly pathogens, Southeastern Med has taken a leap into the future with the addition of a Germ-Zapping Robot™ that destroys hard-to-kill bugs and germs.

The Xenex robot was purchased in 2016 thanks to funds raised by the Southeastern Med Auxiliary and the Cambridge community.

“We want to do everything within our means to provide a clean environment at our facilities to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections,” said Ray Chorey, President and CEO at Southeastern Med. “This investment is important and underscores our commitment to patient care and the communities we serve. We are so grateful for the Auxiliary’s continued support of our community.”

UV Light Destroys Germs

The robot uses Full-Spectrum™ pulsed xenon ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and bacterial spores. The portable disinfection system is effective against even the most dangerous pathogens.

The portable Xenex system can disinfect a typical patient or procedure room in about five minutes without warm-up or cool-down times. It can be used in any department or unit at Southeastern Med, including isolation rooms, operating rooms, general patient care rooms, and public spaces.

Proven Success

The Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot™ has been tested and proven by independent lab verification. Health care facilities across the U.S. have credited the system for significantly reducing their infection rates.

Several hospitals have published their infection rate reduction studies in peer-reviewed journals, showing a reduction in infection rates in excess of 70%.

Thank You to the Auxiliary

The Xenex system is one of many contributions from the Southeastern Med Auxiliary. The organization holds multiple fundraising projects throughout the year, including the Easter dinner basket raffle, Wonderland of Trees, the annual golf outing, and the Daffodil Luncheon. Proceeds from Southeastern Med’s gift shop and vending machines also go toward this hospital-funding purpose.

To learn more about the Auxiliary, contact Rita Nolan, Southeastern Med’s Auxiliary coordinator, at (740) 439-8151.