Southeastern Med operates with the belief that all doctors, specialists and staff are leaders in their own right and are accountable for their actions and behaviors. At the same time, we understand that an organization doesn't succeed based on the actions of any one person, but rather relies on the efforts of the team as a whole. Whether the team is a group of RNs, a surgical suite or a cross-department task force following a patient's flow of care, each person must be the leader in their role by doing what's needed, not necessarily the leader in directing others.

Organizational Structures

Our management structure encourages associates to think for themselves, to become creative parts of the solutions we need, and to constantly strive to improve our medical center. Organizations can't remain rigid; they must adapt in order to offer the services that Cambridge and our surrounding communities and staff need. The only way we can do this, the only way to improve, is through the hard work and help of our associates.

Each department has a director responsible for its overall operation. The director works with daily staffing and scheduling requirements, conducts associate evaluations and performance, and manages budgets and departmental education. Our directors are also responsible for working as needed to ensure that assignments are completed in a timely manner.

Each of our department heads reports to a member of senior management, which currently consists of the President and CEO and vice presidents. Senior management, in turn, reports to our board of directors - a group of individuals who volunteer their time to help the organization succeed.


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