Are you interested in a registered nursing job? Registered nurses are a valuable part of the patient care team at any hospital. At Southeastern Med, our registered nurses are the front line of patient care, coordinating testing and treatment, educating patients, and providing support to families.

Southeastern Med in Ohio has several registered nursing job openings on our medical team.

Common job duties of registered nurses include:

  • Taking patient history
  • Performing physical assessments
  • Administering medications as prescribed
  • Directing and supervising other nursing staff, including LPNs and patient techs

To get any registered nursing job, you'll need to complete nursing school at an accredited institution and pass all the necessary state testing to get your nursing license. You'll also need basic life support certifications. Specific registered nursing jobs require additional education, certifications, or work experience.

Southeastern Med is a community hospital, and we have a unique culture of care. Our patients and co-workers are our friends and neighbors, so it's not uncommon to pass someone you work with at the hospital in the grocery store.

Every member of our care team is valuable to our organization and to our patients. Become a registered nurse at Southeastern Med!