Tina Kiser was a founding member of Southeastern Med Colorectal Cancer Task Force. She was diagnosed with late-stage colon cancer and passionately educated the public about screening and prevention. Tina also actively lobbied the Ohio legislature for colonoscopy screening legislation that would save lives.

She lost her fight against colon cancer in December 2008, but we proudly continue her work through the Tina Kiser Colorectal Cancer Coalition.

Two of our most effective initiatives are the distribution of home-use stool sample testing kits and the free or reduced-cost colonoscopy screenings.

We also use a massive inflatable colon to educate the community about colon health and promote the importance of regular colon health exams. It allows visitors to get a close-up look at healthy colon tissue, colorectal polyps, and the various stages of colorectal cancers.

Since 2006, the number of colonoscopies performed at Southeastern Med has increase 28%, and more than 150 have been completely free for qualified patients. We've also fielded more than 1,000 requests for more information and home testing kits.

To receive more information about colorectal cancer, a free screening kit or to find out if you qualify for a free colonoscopy, call Becky Wheeler at the Cancer Registry at Southeastern Med at 740-439-8156.