What About Recurring Accounts?

Some services meet the guidelines to be set up as a “recurring” account. These are usually therapy accounts or sometimes lab. When you have a recurring account, you may not receive a billing statement until the account discharges at 90 days from the first date of service. We are working on changing this in our system. In the meantime, we ask that you call our billing team at 740.439.8140, option 3 with any questions about your account.

What did I get in the mail?

Billing Courtesy Notice – This notice is sent as a courtesy to you. We are not requesting any payment, rather we want to explain what you can expect from a billing perspective once you have received care from us.

Summary Statement – This is the first bill you will receive. It shows the itemized charges and any payments that were made on your account. Southeastern Med offers a 10% discount on accounts that are paid in full within the first 30 days. The Summary Statement reflects this discount.

Billing Statement – You will receive a bill each month a balance remains on your account. This will reflect the previous balance due, any payments received since the last statement, and the current balance due.

Does Southeastern Med accept my insurance?

Southeastern Med accepts all insurances. You need to contact your insurance company or your employer for specific requirements for your plan.

I have insurance with the VA. Will you bill them for my services?

Southeastern Med does send claims to the VA. Be advised that if you receive services in our emergency department, the VA does require notification of that. Please call them when you return home.

Why am I receiving multiple bills for one visit?

When you come to the ER you are treated by hospital staff and the emergency room physician. The hospital has a facility charge and the doctor has a professional charge. If you receive radiology services during your visit you will also receive a bill from the radiologist that interprets your tests.

Why did I get a hospital bill when I was not at the hospital?

When you visit your doctor and he performs a test that cannot be processed in his office, the specimen is sent to the hospital lab for processing and charges are incurred.

Does Southeastern Med accept credit cards?

Yes. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted. You may also pay by cash, check or money orders.

How far back can I apply for financial assistance?

You can apply for financial assistance three years from the date of application, as long as the balance is not $0.00. Example: If your date of service is January 13, 2014 and you try to apply for a 2010 date of service, we will be unable to provide you with any financial assistance. 

Can I apply for financial assistance if my account is in collection?

Yes. As long as it is within the three year window as shown in the example above.

If legal action has been taken against me regarding my hospital bills, can I still apply for financial assistance?

No. If you have any type of judgment against you for your medical bills you are not eligible to apply for financial assistance.

How often do I need to apply for financial assistance?

A new updated application is required for each month services are provided.

What is considered the definition of family?

Family members include parents, spouses and children (natural or adoptive) under the age of 18 living in the home with the patient.

Can stepchildren be considered when looking at family size?

No. As stated above, unless the children are natural or adoptive they cannot be counted when determining family size.