woman with seasonal affective disorder

Cloudy skies, shorter days and sub-freezing temperatures don’t exactly lend themselves to feeling jovial, but for some, winter brings about a real case of the blues.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression linked to season changes – most often, these feelings begin in the fall and persist throughout the winter although they could be tied to any seasonal change.

cervical cancer 700 x 350

Although nearly 13,000 American women are diagnosed with potentially fatal cervical cancer every year, it is highly preventable with some basic proactive measures.

transit release 700 x 400

Need help getting to a doctor appointment?

healthy worksite award 700 x 400

Southeastern Med is being honored in January by the Healthy Business Council of Ohio for utilizing healthy worksite practices.

Now in their 15th year, the Healthy Worksite Awards celebrate Ohio employers who demonstrate a commitment to employee wellness through comprehensive worksite health promotion and wellness programs.

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Most of us could use a little help keeping our resolutions through January, much less the whole year.

Eating better. Losing weight. Exercising regularly. Quitting smoking.

What seems like a totally doable lifestyle choice on January 1 when we’re recovering from the overindulgence of the holidays seems impossible by January 10, when we only had a banana and some crackers for lunch and just want to crush a pizza and binge Netflix.

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Those who make resolutions to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into their lifestyle can find help and support in that mission with Southeastern Med’s 2019 Group Lifestyle Balance™ (GLB) program. Registration is now open for the 2019 program session, with classes beginning on Wednesday, January 23rd from 5-6pm at Community Healthlink in Cambridge.