Dr. Mary LikoCambridge, Ohio – Southeastern Med has welcomed a new family doctor to its hospital – Mary Lilko, DO.

The Columbus native earned her Doctor of Osteopathy from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has been practicing since 2001 and has experience in primary care, urgent care, emergency care and occupational health.

National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month is an effort by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to encourage the public to make informed decisions about food choices and physical activity habits.

This event began in 1973 as a week-long campaign, but expanded to a month-long celebration in 1980. The theme reflects nutrition trends over the years, but always with its original purpose in mind: “To increase the public’s awareness of the importance of good nutrition and position Academy members as the authorities in nutrition.”

strawberry spinach saladLunch can provide the fuel you need to carry you through your day. While convenient lunch options are often high in fat, calories and preservatives, you can create healthy choices with a little thought and planning.

These affordable – and flavorful – lunch options provide the protein you need to feel full and satisfied without making you feel sluggish.

colorectal cancer screeningColorectal cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer death in the United States, can be easily prevented or discovered with regular screening.

Cancer in this region of the body usually starts as a precancerous growth – known as a polyp – in the colon or rectum. These polyps can turn into cancer. Fortunately, colorectal cancer is 90% treatable when detected early.

colon cancer screeningA colonoscopy is the most reliable screening method for colorectal cancer. With the patient under light sedation, the physician uses a flexible tube and camera to examine the colon and rectum. Bowel preparation is required – typically patients are prescribed a laxative to clean out the colon. If found, polyps may be removed during the procedure. If no anomalies are discovered, this screening is repeated every 10 years.

Family Meal Time

Having a meal as a family may seem impossible in the hustle and bustle of today’s world. However, there may be good reason for why you want to make time each day to sit down and eat together.

Research has shown that family meal time can improve overall health for both children and adults. That’s because this time together promotes positive social skills, self-esteem and family relationships. In addition, children with families that eat together have also been shown to have higher grades.