holiday crafts

Most schools close for up to two weeks during the Christmas season. This is a perfect opportunity to spend some time at home with your kids and do some fun activities.

Here are a few craft and activity ideas from both you and your kids can enjoy.

Darling Deer

Using cardboard tubes as the base, you’ll need construction paper, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and small pom-pom balls to create these fun and deer. For the super ambitious, you can create enough to pull Santa’s sleigh.

Twin Trees

Buy a pack of cone water cups and paint them green. You can then use pom-poms, pipe cleaners and glitter to decorate. Looking for a challenging craft? Paint one of the cones red and make a Santa Claus.

Wrap Star

Think your little ones are too young to help you wrap gifts? Think again. Cut a sponge into circles. Dip it in a little bit of paint and let them add some decorations of their own on the gifts.

Peace Wreath

Clothespins, red paint and a hoop make this wreath and breeze to make. The dove in the center requires some attention to detail, but it’s well worth the extra effort.

Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Stand

After a long day of making crafts, sit back and relax with a nice cup of hot chocolate. To make it a little more fun, make a hot chocolate stand with different stations that let your kids add their own toppings. You can even make it from scratch.

From the staff at Southeastern Med, we would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.