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Commit to being a Healthier You This Spring

Beth MitchellAhhhh! Spring is finally on the horizon. The cold and dreary days we experienced this winter are now filled with sunshine, gardening, picnics, and bike rides. Along with the staples of the season, you’ll probably want to engage in much more physical activity than you did during the bitter winter. Cold weather can get people in a rut when it comes to diet and exercise, and spring is a perfect time to renew your commitment to healthy living—and stick with it! Consider joining Southeastern Med’s Group Lifestyle Balance (GLB) class and make permanent lifestyle changes. GLB is a diabetes prevention and education program created to provide a fun and supportive way to learn how to eat healthy and increase physical activity for a lifetime.

In 2013, Beth Mitchell, of Newcomerstown, saw a newspaper article about Southeastern Med’s (GLB) class and decided it was time to make a change. Beth wanted to lose weight and felt that the accountability of a small group would help her achieve and maintain her goals. As someone with high cholesterol and a family history of diabetes, she wanted to stay proactive in preventing health problems. During the course of the (year-long) class, Beth learned about proper nutrition as well as how to healthily monitor her eating. She found that incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats into her diet gave her the added energy she needed.

Beth also chose to exercise at Southeastern Med’s Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab facility. As someone with asthma, she qualified to exercise at the medically-based fitness center through a physician referral. The Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation program serves those who are recovering from a serious cardiac disease or are living with a chronic respiratory disorder. The program is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual through medically-based recommendations. Typically, those experiencing cardiac and pulmonary problems begin the program through a physician referral.

The facility has been especially helpful to Beth during the winter months, when the frigid temperatures can cause asthma to flair. The program includes information on exercise and breathing retaining, emotional support, and health education. Participants come to the facility three days per week and are able to use quality fitness equipment under medical supervision. Beth enjoys exercising at Southeastern Med because of the small, friendly atmosphere, and medical safety provided by staff.

To date, Beth has shed an astounding 48 pounds and is well on her way to achieving her desired weight. “I feel so much better now and can see huge changes in my energy level and motivation. Eating healthily and exercising makes a huge difference! The accountability of GLB and Cardiac Rehab has helped me stick with a plan,” Beth explained. Due to her success through GLB, Beth has registered for another GLB course this spring to help continue her commitment.

“Most weight loss plans are fads that offer short-term solutions to a long-term problem, “said Sneha Patadia, MS, RD, LD, Registered Dietitian at Southeastern Med and a GLB program leader. “Many people find these plans impossible to stay on for a lengthy period of time. Group Lifestyle Balance offers a positive change in lifestyle, where permanent weight loss and maintenance is a result of enjoyable exercise and diet. By balancing food intake and exercise, you can achieve your ideal weight.” In order to make a long term change, you should make gradual yet realistic changes that you can maintain for the rest of your life. This includes setting reasonable goals and establishing a plan that fits into your lifestyle.

The GLB class schedule includes 22 sessions during a 12 month period of time. The initial 12 sessions are held weekly with the remaining sessions gradually fading from weekly, to bi-weekly, to finally monthly.

The new GLB class will be held weekly on Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m. for 12 weeks starting April 29th at Southeastern Med’s Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services Facility. Participants will receive a binder with class materials, a Calorie King and Carbohydrate Counter, a pedometer, an exerband, as well as pre, mid-point and post blood work.

To be eligible for the program, participants must have one the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Pre-diabetes or history of gestational diabetes;
  • High cholesterol or triglycerides; or
  • Overweight with a body mass index (BMI) above or equal to 25.

The fee for the class is $40. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. GLB is an education and support program, and all physical activity goals will be completed outside of class.

For more information about the class, please call 740-435-2900.

Talk of the Town - Byesville Health Screening

For more than a decade, Southeastern Med has partnered with the Byesville Rotary to conduct health screenings in their community. Our 14th Annual Byesville Health Screening event is scheduled for April 24th, 2015.


Talk of the Town - Southeastern Med's Shelly Thompson

Southeastern Med’s Director of Wellness Shelly Thompson appeared on Talk of the Town to discuss heart health and our wellness programs, including diabetes education, weight management and health screenings.


Southeastern Med Offers Group Lifestyle Balance Classes

Southeastern Med is here to help you reach your positive lifestyle goals and the Group Lifestyle Balance (GLB) Program ™ is one of the comprehensive programs made available to you. GLB provides education to help you develop a plan to reach a healthy balance through diet and exercise. This program is designed for non-diabetic, overweight individuals age 18 and older with risk factors for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The program costs $40 and the next session starts on Wednesday, April 29th from 5-6pm at Southeastern Med’s Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services facility. For more information or to register, please call 740-435-2946.

Byesville Rotary Health Screening April 24

The Byesville Rotary, with cooperation from Southeastern Med, will host its 14th annual health screening for individuals ages 18 and older on Friday, April 24 from 7 to 9 a.m. at the Main Avenue United Methodist Church’s activity building, which is located behind the church in Byesville.

To maintain the high-quality testing, as well as insuring an efficient screening process, appointments will be required for this year’s event.

Dan Navicky, health screening chairman with the Byesville Rotary, states how much the local communities look forward to the screenings, “ At prior events, individuals who have participated in the screenings make it a point to tell me how much they appreciate this service offered by Byesville Rotary and Southeastern Med. It proves to me just how important an event, such as this, is needed by individuals throughout our area.” This health screening is also one of Byesville Rotary’s many fundraisers they hold throughout the year.

The health profile screening, performed by Southeastern Med, consists of a complete blood count, a comprehensive metabolic panel, a lipid profile and a hemoglobin A1C test for $60. Participants may choose to also have a TSH (thyroid) and PSA (prostate) screening performed for $25 each. Blood pressure screenings will be free of charge. Results will be mailed to the participants after the screening event.

The screening requires a 10 to 12 hour fast with only water permitted. Those participating can still take any morning medications as usual. Those with questions regarding taking medications are asked to call their physician. Please refrain from smoking or using tobacco products the morning of the screening. Refreshments will be available after the screening.

The screenings are for anyone 18 years and older and appointments are required. Registration will begin Monday, April 13, at 9 a.m. To register, please call Debbie Stillion at 740-435-2900. As registration for this health screening is required, walk-ins will not be accepted. For more information on the Byesville Rotary Health Event, please call Dan Navicky at 740-705-6250.


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