Associates of the Quarter Recognition Program

The "Associates of the Quarter" is a recognition program that is awarded to four associates of Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center each quarter. These individuals must be in good standing, meet specific criteria and must have made an exceptional contribution in the following ways:

  • One who has made an extraordinary achievement, going above and beyond what is required for a particular job by fulfilling Southeastern Med's Core Values:
    • High ethical standards
    • Devoted to providing the best care with compassion, dignity and respect
    • Partnerships with our communities, physicians and associates
    • Achieve financial viability through effective resource management and innovation
    • Loyalty, collaboration and teamwork with our internal and external stakeholders
  • One who has consistently provided exceptional service and demonstrated organizational commitment by displaying a high level of effort and commitment to performing work, operating effectively within the organizational structure, and demonstrating trustworthiness and responsible behavior with a positive attitude.