Brittany Funk, Physical Therapy

BrittanyFunkWhy this person deserves to be an Associate of the Quarter.

Brittany consistently demonstrates behavior that reflects the core values of Southeastern Med.

Specific Situation

Brittany is always mindful of customer service as an integral means of providing the best (physical therapy) experience to our patients. Whether it be a 6-year-old child combatting emotional problems, or a 90-year-old geriatric patient, she faithfully delivers the best care for each patient according to their needs. She discovers ways to make therapy engaging, from developing a game component for a child or engaging in aquatic therapy, to making mundane therapy exercises more meaningful for an elderly patient. While all patients and their cases are unique, she is tasked with successfully treating the widest range of patients. While this could be daunting for some, she does whatever necessary for our customers with a smile on her face. Her calm spirit and friendly personality make her well-liked by both associates and patients. Inner-departmentally, she is always willing to do what is asked of her and go wherever needed. She can be found working in Physical Therapy, Cardiac Rehab or Inpatient Services, oftentimes serving in more than one location per day. Her schedule often changes at the drop of a hat, from location to working hours- oftentimes shifting by the hour. These frequent unknowns require her to remain flexible at all times, while delivering an exceptional patient experience with a pleasant disposition. Changes can be frustrating, yet she welcomes them with a smile on her face. She is the epitome of quick-thinking and adaptation. She is someone that we all depend and trust to handle special scenarios. She is a true example of flexible, prompt, and friendly customer service, serving as an essential part of our team. Brittany is a great reflection of the attitude and work ethic promoted at Southeastern Med and very worthy of Associate of the Quarter recognition.

Amanda Milburn, Occupational Therapy

AmandaMilburnWhy this person deserves to be an Associate of the Quarter.

Southeastern Med’s Occupational Therapy Department plays an integral role in the lives of patients within our community. Amanda is one of the outstanding team members that continues to make Southeastern Med a place you can trust.

Specific Situation

As the need for occupational therapy increases, Amanda continues to take initiative in accommodating both the requests of the patient(s) as well as the department as a whole. She consistently volunteers to adjust her schedule, often working earlier or later than scheduled. She has also shown dedication to her patients by taking those who need extra attention past their scheduled treatment times in order to accelerate their rehab process and improve the patient's quality of life. This results in her sacrificing documentation time and/or having to stay past her scheduled work hours, but is appreciated by patients across the board. She recently attended a doctor's visit with a patient who underwent two major hand surgeries and experienced complications from the surgeries. She was able to help educate the patient on the physician's expectations and open the lines of communication. This action helped build trust with the patient, but also showed that Southeastern Med’s associates are willing to go above and beyond for their patients. Not only has her productivity increased every month for the past four months, but she has been able to do so while providing the same compassion and patient-centered care that makes her a special member of our rehab services team. Amanda is involved in all aspects of OT services (inpatient, outpatient orthopedics, outpatient neuro, and pediatrics).

Amanda is also an “outside of the box” thinker, looking for innovative ways to make therapy meaningful on an individual level for each patient. She shows genuine interest in all of her patients, learning more about them and integrating those interests into their therapy plan. She does a wonderful job of finding ways to get her patients to complete exercises/tasks that she needs them to by incorporating interests/hobbies of the patient (cooking, sports, crafting, etc.). Mandy consistently spends personal time preparing for patients’ treatment sessions the day/night before their scheduled appointment(s) in order to make every treatment session new and exciting. She has a heart of gold and her genuine concern for patients is reflected in her daily interactions with all those she encounters. She has helped expand the availability of outpatient OT services for our patients as is now offering outpatient OT at Cardiac Rehab on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. This allows patients who live close to the hospital to have a shorter drive compared to having to drive across town to the Brick Church Road facility. In order to provide this service, she had to learn to front desk/clerical processes such as reviewing insurances with the patient, checking patients in for their appointment, and scheduling patients for future appointments.

Amanda is the epitome of customer service and patient-centered care, always exhibiting a pleasant disposition with a smile on her face. Southeastern Med is blessed to have her as a part of the Occupational Therapy team.

Dave Corder, Laboratory

DaveCorderWhy this person deserves to be an Associate of the Quarter.

Dave is an excellent example of someone who demonstrates teamwork, leadership and a positive attitude. He genuinely care about his work and continuously strives to provide the best care for all patients. He set the bar high for displaying compassion, dignity and respect for everyone he encounters.

Specific Situation

There was a mother with a special needs child that presented to the outpatient lab on the afternoon shift and Dave was called to help. The mother was feeling nervous because she knew her son was difficult to get a blood sample from and the outpatient lab was scheduled to close. Dave calmly and gently collected the blood while the phlebotomist and I helped secure the child. Dave obtained a good sample and reassured the nervous mother that everything was going to be fine and he was happy to help. His calm and confident demeanor set the tone for a successful situation. The mother was beyond thankful for the compassion this associate shoed during the specimen collection process.


Sandy Rankin, Surgery

SandyRankinWhy this person deserves to be an Associate of the Quarter.

Sandy has worked at Southeastern Med for 35 years starting in sterile processing and then becoming a certified scrub tech for many years. She has trained numerous new scrub techs over the years. She also helped cover the inventory coordinator role when they were out which then led to her assuming a new inventory position of her own. In this position, she does and amazing job in keeping the surgery department organized with the amount of trays needed for the case load, maintains the department preference cards for all surgeon needs, orders and maintains all of the surgery and anesthesia supply inventory, remains to be a vital resource person for our newer scrub techs and nurses, and helps to charge all of the surgery accounts after the procedure is complete.

Sandy is retiring in August and it will be extremely difficult to fill her shoes due to the years of experience and what she offers to all of her peers. Her tremendous dependability to our department, valued education to new scrub techs, and hospital is extremely valued in our department. She has passed on all that she can to her peers at this point and is comfortable to retire now.

Specific Situation

Sandy has gone above and beyond to train at least three new scrub techs while taking her new position and had to wait until they were all trained to move full time to her new position. She never complained about the wait because she knew how important those trainees were to our department and to our patients outcomes. Her experience cannot be replaced but she has instilled so much of her knowledge into the new surgical techs that now she feels they are ready to carry that responsibility and enable her to feel comfortable with her retirement.