Why this person deserves to be an Associate of the Quarter.

Turessa was able to recognize a potential patient safety and customer service issue within our facility. She not only recognized the issues but reacted immediately to the situation with compassion, dignity, and respect for the individuals that were involved.

Specific Situation

Turessa was coming out of the hospital gift shop on her lunch break, Sept. 16, 2016; when she noticed a handicap woman in a wheelchair. Her husband was struggling to push the both the wheelchair and her walker at the same time. She offered to assist them as they were on their way to Wound Care. The patient was from Zanesville and a former patient at Genesis seeking medical treatment now for the first time at Southeastern Med. The patient and her husband were so grateful for her offer to take them to Wound Care. The patient stated, “I am getting more help already here than I ever did at Genesis”.






amyharrelWhy this person deserves to be an Associate of the Quarter.

Amy went out of her way during a busy and chaotic time to help a patient.

Specific Situation

“On Friday, July 22nd, we went into the extended down time for updates to our system. That was the first time, as an ED UCS, that Amy had to deal with everything involved in transitioning into downtime for the ED. Even though the initial part of the transition was very stressful, she kept her cool at all times. She carried out her role without showing any signs of meltdown or walking away from the role. Even though I know that this individual was doubting her ability to perform her role during downtime, she never stopped and we made a relatively smooth transition and she kept us on track for the night.

During the same shift (and this is what makes me truly proud of being her friend and co-worker), we had a patient come in that had recently had a vertebroplasty performed by Dr. Harren. She was experiencing symptoms that she was warned to watch for and return to the hospital if they occurred. Since we have no in-house radiologists for Dr. Weber to consult, we called the Healthplex in Zanesville and Dr. Weber spoke to Dr. Guiliami. Dr. Guiliami felt that the patient’s symptoms warranted a repeat MRI that would need to be done in Zanesville. When the patient and family were approached about the MRI, the patient was adamant about being unable to tolerate another MRI (claustrophobic).

When Amy heard about this, she told me she would call the Healthplex and see if there was some way the MRI could be performed that would cause the patient less discomfort. By doing so, the radiologist was able to make arrangements for the patient to receive the MRI without such a feeling of claustrophobia.

That is the kind of person Amy is!! Our patient needed a repeat MRI and she went out of her way, during a busy and chaotic period, to make that happen.

As a side note, Dr. Weber, our ED doctor's rental car broke down, requiring someone to pick him up and bring him to work Friday evening. On Saturday morning, this individual gave Dr. Weber a ride back to his hotel.”


toddmathersWhy this person deserves to be an Associate of the Quarter.

“I am sure most people do not realize this job duties related to Radiology and CVP. Todd is our imaging's Pac's coordinator, system analyst for ITS, dictation contact for the radiologists, trainer for the radiologists, coordinates efforts with our STAT RAD (off site reading facility) and works to train new staff within Synapse. In the last few months he worked relentlessly on the implementation of a new dictation system for the radiology department. This meant not only ensuring the system upgrade was accurate but including training the radiologist group as well as incorporating hundreds of reading templates into the system prior to go live.”

Specific Situation

“Recently, we had a situation where a child was transferred to Children's over the weekend and they needed the images obtained at our facility during the middle of the night. Unfortunately, on the weekends there is no courier that travels to Children's. The staff contacted me about the situation and I in turn contacted Todd about whether we could electronically send the images. He worked through this situation in the middle of the night with the IT department at Children's to get the images sent and received. The next day I thanked him for his efforts and his only response was, "anything for a kid, you know that…"

And that is why he should receive recognition for his efforts.”




nancyneffWhy this person deserves to be an Associate of the Quarter.

Nancy has been a social worker here for 30+ years. She always has the patient’s safety and best interest in mind.

Specific Situation

Nancy was involved with the Copers Cancer Support group for more than 20 years. She put her heart and soul into the group and the members often called on her to help them with disability applications, assistance to sign up for social security, and she has even taken PTO on a number of occasions to take members to out of town doctors’ appointments. She was very involved in Relay for Life, and made sure that everything was well organized, comfortable, and that there was plenty of food for her group. She even went the extra mile to get a camper for her group members that weren’t able to spend the entire night awake. Nancy always made sure that they had a nice summer picnic and a beautiful Christmas dinner, as well as guest speakers at each monthly meeting. She always helped them with their fundraising events. Nancy also helps staff members whenever they walk through the QCM door, and they know that they will find a caring person that will help them with whatever their needs are on that day. She has helped many retirees apply for community resources, social security, etc. She was also nominated as Health Care Worker of the Year through OHA and was in the top five. It goes without saying that she is one of the most deserving individuals of this quarterly award.