Jackie Eibel, Endoscopy/Wound Care


Jackie is the patients' choice. She overwhelms patients and families with such a positive attitude that it is next to impossible to have a negative visit. The patients don't remember a second IV stick or delayed procedure, they recall the smile, laughter, and care of a person who promotes excellent encounters. Sometimes working short staffed has left several days of this individual working alone in an area that is normally staffed with two. Never has Jackie complained about the busyness or patient demand. Never has she stopped smiling and has always remained positive and a great leader in customer service.








Heidi Warren, RN, 3 South Nursing


Heidi shows compassion, respect, and exceptional care to the patients at Southeastern Med. She is a strong patient advocate. She has the patients' best interest at heart. Heidi goes above and beyond what is required for her job. She is a good team player. Heidi was caring for a young woman. After several days, the patient wasn't showing any signs of improvement. This nurse was attentive to the patient and family, explaining and answering questions. The patient's father was out of state and called very upset. Heidi spoke very calmly and comforting to this father. Eventually the patient required transfer but family was very appreciative and kept Heidi updated with the patient's progress.






Eric Bradison, Information Systems

Eric is a selfless individual who consistently puts others before himself, fully embodying the ideals of Southeastern Med. As someone who works behind the scenes, what he does often goes unnoticed by many. Eric is an exemplary associate, representing our organization wonderfully in both his work ethic and his character. Eric was an integral part of the launch and daily implementation of the patient portal. Even while on vacation, he was still consistently checking his emails and communicating with community members who had questions relating to their portal accounts. He has also spent his own, hard-earned money to provide lunch for other associates who assist with the portal as a way to thank them for their continued efforts on this project. On one occasion a former patient and teacher at Cambridge High School was having difficulty with their portal account and the issue couldn't be easily fixed over the phone. He found out that the individual lived nearby and without a second thought, went after work to resolve this person's portal account issues. During a health fair, a man began talking to Eric about his interest in pursuing an IT related career. The man asked if he would have time to speak with Eric more about the field. So, Eric invited the gentleman to meet him during his lunch to talk more about what steps to take in pursuing a career in information technology. Last year, Guernsey Leadership was scheduled to be held at Southeastern Med's Community HealthLink. No one was available or willing to assist in setting up the necessary technology to host a presentation for the students. So, without hesitation, Eric volunteered to come in before work to provide the set up required for this event. While his position does not dictate for him to assist various departments, he still does so regularly and willingly.

Carrie Zimmer, RN, 3 South Nursing


Carrie is the best nurse and always makes sure she helps the 3 South techs with whatever she can. She does her best to explain things to families or patients. Carrie runs all night, most of the time. She is not scared of dirty work and knows how to do her job right. 3 South had a very sick baby one night so Carrie stayed until the baby was life flighted for protection of the child instead of passing it on to the next shift. She really cares about her patients. Carrie knows what teamwork is all about. If we had all nurses like her, a tech's job would be much easier.