Infection PreventionSoutheastern Med’s Infection Prevention Program was instituted to promote a safe and healthy environment for healing, and to minimize the risk of spreading infections to patients, health care workers and our other medical center guests.

Our program is simple, yet effective, and the first and most important measure taken to reduce the risk of infection is the simplest of all.


All health care professionals are required by law to clean their hands both before and after contact with each patient. While we do all we can to offer a safe and clean environment, we hope that you’ll help us by taking part as well. We encourage patients and visitors to clean their hands after sneezing, coughing, and using the restroom, and before and after eating.  It’s also helpful for visitors to clean when entering or leaving a patient’s room. Either alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap and water is appropriate most of the time.



One of the most common ways for infection to spread is through coughing. Covering your mouth with a tissue while you cough or sneeze goes a long way to stop germs from spreading. Be sure to throw away used tissues in the wastebasket and to clean your hands after. If tissues aren’t available, we suggest sneezing or coughing into your upper sleeve as an alternative.


Southeastern Med welcomes friends and family to visit our patients during their stay.

When you visit, please check with the nurses' station before entering a patient’s room. We also suggest limiting visitors to two at a time to reduce the spread of infection. Anyone with a fever, cough, cold, sore throat or contagious illness should try to avoid visiting patients in the hospital.

Special Precautions

Some patients are placed under special precautions for two main reasons:

  1. Their resistance to infection is low.
  2. They have a contagious illness that requires prevention to keep from spreading.

A precaution sign, however, is no cause for alarm; it's simply a measure taken to protect our patients, staff and visitors. The sign will instruct you about requirements for entering the patient room.

Who are infection preventionists?

Infection Preventionists use their detective skills to find the bad germs and make sure everyone is doing the right things to keep people safe.

The Southeastern Med Infection Prevention Director can be reached at 740.439.8166.