Patient Healthcare TeamAs a Southeastern Med patient, you may have 10 or more people working on your care at any given time, including your family doctor, a team of nurses, radiology technologists, and hospitalists.

Hospitalists are physicians who focus exclusively on the care of patients admitted to our hospital. In the event that your primary physician isn’t on hospital grounds, you’ll be assigned a hospitalist who will oversee your case and report back to your primary care physician.




The benefits of hospitalists

The use of hospitalists is a growing trend in progressive healthcare facilities nationwide. The advantages of this new type of care include increased efficiency, cost-savings and most importantly better patient care.

Hospitalists don’t maintain private practices, so they’re available to focus solely on your care. Our hospitalists can see several patients throughout the day and immediately respond to patient needs, such as ordering tests or interpreting test results, which can often prevent an overnight or extended stay. Hospitalists are also more accessible to the nursing staff to answer questions and address patient concerns.

Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff is made up of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, patient technicians, and unit clerical secretaries, and they’re all here for you around the clock. Each unit has a nurse director who often makes rounds to visit with you and ask about your hospital stay.

Dietary Staff

The Southeastern Med dietary staff is dedicated to meeting your nutrition needs during your stay. A hostess will visit your room and help you make menu choices, based on your physician-specified meal recommendations. Meal times are around 8 a.m., noon and 5 p.m. We welcome all special requests to accommodate allergies, nutritional lifestyles and food preferences.

Pastoral Care

Your spiritual health is an important part of your physical health, and our pastoral care team is here to assist you, whatever your religious traditions are. If you’d like to speak to a member of our pastoral care team during your stay, just ask your nurse. Your priest, minister or rabbi is welcome to visit you as well.