Many factors contribute to cancer development, including environmental factors, lifestyle choices, overall health, and genetic factors. Advanced cancer sciences help us determine if you are at risk for developing cancer by examining your family history. At Cambridge Regional Cancer Center in Guernsey County, we call it genetic cancer counseling.

If someone in your family has experienced early onset cancer, such a premenopausal breast cancer, or many of your family members have been diagnosed with the same form of the disease, you could be a candidate for genetic testing for cancer.

Other cancer occurrences in your family history, such as cancers in multiple generations, unusual cancers, or rare cancers associated with birth defects, may also make you a candidate for genetic cancer counseling.

Southeastern Med and OhioHealth are working together to provide genetic counseling via telemedicine. Once available, our patients will be able to see and speak to an OhioHealth genetic counselor to receive a comprehensive risk assessment for hereditary cancer. Patients will learn:

  • The likelihood that the cancers in a family are hereditary
  • The risks, benefits and limitations of genetic testing
  • Available screening and risk reduction options

Talk with your family physician about your family’s cancer history and discuss if you should participate in genetic cancer counseling.

Call 740.439.2771 for more information or to schedule genetic cancer counseling at the Cambridge Regional Cancer Center.