Hematology is the study of blood. When it relates to cancer care, it’s known as hematology oncology, and concerns the examination of the parts of your blood and how they’re affected by your cancer treatment.

White blood cells fight infection. Red blood cells carry oxygen to your cells. Plasma is the watery portion of your blood that carries the red and white cells throughout your body.

Some cancer treatments will lower your body’s red blood cell count, making it more difficult for your body to oxygenate itself. Other cancer treatments will lower your body’s white cell count, inhibiting your natural ability to fight infection.

The hematology department at Cambridge Regional Cancer Center in Guernsey County will continually monitor your blood to ensure that cell counts stay at a healthy level. If cell counts fall below an acceptable range, we will make arrangements for a transfusion of healthy blood to bring up your levels.

We’ll also communicate with your oncologist about treatment modifications that will improve your blood profile.