We Give You Peace of Mind. You Get Well.

At Southeastern Med, we see each and every patient as a member of our community, worthy of the same respect as the doctors and nurses providing their treatment. That’s why we offer comprehensive Case Management services to make sure your experience with us is as safe, comfortable, and cost-effective as possible.

Our friendly patient advocates, who are RNs and social workers, help identify and arrange proper services for you and are available to work with you and your healthcare provider to talk about any concerns you might have about your treatment plan and discharge. Maybe you’re worried about missing too many days of work, or simply want to understand your coverage better to avoid unexpected costs. Our goal is to give you peace of mind so you can focus on getting well. We can assist in various ways, from helping you get prescription coverage to help you find counseling and whatever assistance you need in moving back to your home, to a nursing home, or to some other type of healthcare facility.

Have questions? We’ll try our very best to answer them. Call the operator at (740) 439-8000 and ask for a Case Management professional.