EndoscopySoutheastern Med's endoscopy department is dedicated to providing the best care in a comfortable and private setting. Our highly trained team of nurses and physicians provides a variety of diagnostic procedures using only the latest technology. Whether you're coming in for a routine exam or an emergency procedure, we're confident that you'll receive the best care available in Southeastern Ohio.

Our endoscopy services include:

EGD Upper Endoscopy

A visual exam of the upper intestinal tract with a fiber optic video endoscope.


A visual exam of the large intestine with a fiber optic video endoscope.

48 Hour Esophageal pH Test

Measures the pH in the esophagus to determine the presence of gastric reflux disease [GERD].The test can also be done to determine the effectiveness of medications or surgical treatment for GERD.

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

A visual exam of the inside of the rectum and sigmoid colon using a fiber optic video endoscope.

Capsule Endoscopy

This process involves swallowing a video capsule, about the size of a vitamin. It contains its own camera and light source. Your physician reviews the footage afterwards to aid in your diagnosis.