Hospital imaging services, such as x-ray, mammography and ultrasound, are important diagnostic tools. Southeastern Med has one of the most comprehensive hospital imaging services programs in the southeastern Ohio region.

Without the Southeastern Med, you might have to travel to Columbus, Cleveland or Pittsburgh for quality hospital imaging services.

What are hospital imaging services?

Hospital imaging services is a broad term that includes common radiological procedures, such as:

Nuclear medicine and interventional services also fall under the umbrella of hospital imaging services.

Nuclear medicine uses radioactive agents to detect a variety of diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Interventional services use ultrasound technology to perform minimally invasive procedures such as angiography and needle biopsy.

Our hospital imaging services department oversees all the imaging needs of Southeastern Med’s inpatients and Emergency Department patients.

We also provide hospital imaging services for outpatients, so if your physician has ordered an X-ray, MRI or ultrasound, you can make your appointment right here in Cambridge.

Depending on the hospital imaging service ordered, you may need to make specific preparations, such as fasting, prior to your testing. We’ll give you all the necessary information when you call 740.439.8085 to make your hospital imaging services appointment.