Magnetic Resonance Imaging

An MRI is a test that produces images of the body by using a large magnet, radio waves and a computer system instead of x-rays. MRIs are versatile, generating thin-section images of any body part, from any angle or direction, making them a cornerstone of modern medical imaging.

Most MRI exams at Southeastern Med take 45-60 minutes. We usually perform this exam to scan the brain and/or spine and for orthopedic or joint issues. We're also able to view blood flow to most parts of the body using an MRI, which lets us map the arterial system to prevent strokes and diagnose cardiovascular diseases.


Although in general MRIs are quite safe, certain individuals may not be able to have the scan performed due to basic restrictions. Since the MRI uses a strong magnet, people with Cardiac Pacemakers cannot have an MRI, even if the pacemaker isn't functional. Other devices, such as brain aneurysm clips and cochlear implants, bar individuals from an MRI. If you have fragments of metal that are close to or in certain body parts, you may not be able to have an MRI. You'll be given a question and answer sheet to determine whether or not an MRI at Southeastern Med is safe for you.


At Southeastern Med, we work hard to make you comfortable during your MRI. The MRI technologist will ask you several questions prior to your scan to obtain a full patient history. The procedure starts when you lay down on a special table that moves into the center of the magnet. Before entering the magnet, we'll offer you earplugs to reduce the exam noises, which are a natural part of the radio waves used to create the final images. It's very important to remain still when the noise is audible. The table may move slightly between scan sets and, depending on the type of scan, you may be given a small amount of fluid to highlight certain areas of your body.

The MRI unit is open at both ends and our new scanner has more room to offer light on the inside, plus a fan to keep air moving through the scanner. A two-way speaker system is on at all times so our MRI technicians can stay in constant contact with you.

Contact Information

If you have questions or want to learn more, we encourage you to call Southeastern Med at 740.439.8040. You will find us within the Diagnostic Imaging Department on the ground floor of the medical center.