Southeastern Med offers medical withdrawal management services through BreakThru.

breakthruThis unique program addresses the medical needs of patients taking the first steps to recovery in a safe, comfortable, confidential hospital environment.

Medical withdrawal management is covered by most major insurance carriers, Medicaid and Medicare. Other financing options are available.

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BreakThru Withdrawal Management Goals

  • Provide a safe withdrawal
  • Reduce immediate withdrawal symptoms
  • Prevent complications
  • Provide withdrawal management that preserves the patient’s dignity
  • Establish the immediate aftercare discharge plan
  • Measure patient outcomes

Clients who have problems with drugs or alcohol are medically stabilized and monitored on a medical/surgical unit.

Our multidisciplinary team manages withdrawal symptoms and medical comorbidities throughout the withdrawal period, ensuring safe and effective medical outcomes. This exceptional 24-hour care is administered by highly skilled doctors and nurses with a lower nurse-to-patient ratio than other treatment facilities.

Medications are administered based on each individual’s substance of choice and medical history to promote comfort, prevent complications and alleviate pain using evidence-based treatment.

Path to Recovery

To promote successful recovery, we collaborate with community partners to develop a personalized, immediate aftercare discharge plan, and BreakThru staff maintain follow-up contact with patients at one, three, six and twelve-month intervals to measure patient outcomes and monitor treatment engagement, remission and sobriety.

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