Southeastern Med partners with WorkPro to aid in the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses throughout Guernsey County and Southeastern Ohio. Our certified Medical Review Officer ensures that we're up-to-date with the rules and regulations regarding drug and alcohol testing, current developments in workplace safety and more. By helping employers comply with OSHA standards, WorkPro keeps health care costs low and employees safe. WorkPro also provides rehabilitation services to help ease injured employees back into the workforce.

To learn more about WorkPro and how we can help you, visit or call our offices:

10095 Brick Church Rd
Cambridge, OH 43725

Phone: 740.439.8191
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Mon, Wed, Fri: 8am - 4pm
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WorkPro offers services in the following areas:


We offer a variety of physicals for employers, including:

We also conduct OSHA screening and surveillance exams for respiratory clearance and hazardous materials, such as lead, asbestos, cadmium and copper. WorkPro can also administer exams for police, firefighters and corporate executives, as well as a comprehensive exam for individuals working in particularly rigorous fields.


WorkPro helps care for injured workers using current techniques and modern equipment. We work with employers that offer transitional work programs and provide injured workers with restrictions that would assist the employer to help their employees avoid re-injury. WorkPro also offers functional capacity evaluations, rehabilitation at work sites in Southeastern Ohio, and acute injury treatment.

We are proficient in BWC guidelines in treating injured workers and assisting employers and employees in expediting their return to full duty.

Drug Testing


WorkPro is serious about work site wellness. We help employers in Guernsey County and surrounding areas of Southeastern Ohio avoid unnecessary health care costs by providing screenings for heavy metals, pulmonary function, hearing tests, chest and lumbar x-rays, EKGs and laboratory tests.

Respiratory Fit Testing

According to OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard, every worker who wears a respirator must be fit tested to determine the proper make, model and size to wear. We use the TSI Portacount, which uses computerized equipment to identify the right fit for any employee. We offer Respiratory Fit Testing to clients in Guernsey County and the surrounding areas of Southeastern Ohio.


Immunizations help promote and maintain a healthy workplace. We offer immunizations for influenza, hepatitis B, tetanus and TB both on-site and at WorkPro. All immunizations are offered year-round to keep workers healthy and ensure the productivity of businesses in Southeastern Ohio.

Industrial Rehabilitation

We help injured workers get back on their feet and on the job again with maximum performance and minimum time lost. Our injury prevention services help you avoid accidents, and our job site analysis determines the physical demands of a particular workplace. We also have a post-offer screen to verify if workers can perform necessary functions, as well as an ergonomic assessment to create work with less pain and fewer injuries. For more information, learn about therapy services offered at Southeastern Med.

Quick Medical Care

WorkPro has its own occupational service line of Southeastern Med, offering quick medical care for work-related injuries. You will be required to provide proof of insurance and proof of employment, and pay a co-pay at the time of service. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 740.439.8191 Monday through Friday 8am-4pm.


Our classes train your staff to be safer and healthier. They’re available at both your site and at WorkPro. We currently offer sessions for:

  • Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
  • Automatic external defibrillator
  • Blood-borne pathogens
  • First aid


We'll be happy to give presentations at your Southeastern Ohio business on a variety of health-related topics. We conduct health screenings for total cholesterol/lipid profile, glucose (blood sugar), bone density, body composition and blood pressure. We also offer health risk assessments and nutritional counseling, all to improve workplace conditions and help employees be healthier, happier and more productive.


Certain occupations place employees at risk of developing hearing impairments due to noise exposure. Our audiology services allow clients to comply with OHSA standards. WorkPro's hearing conservation program includes noise monitoring, hearing tests, education and reporting services to businesses and organizations in Southeastern Ohio.