We strive to provide convenient, simple and effective outpatient services for our guests. To ensure your visit is efficient and successful, please review the following information.


Please park in the yellow lot and enter our facility through the main lobby on the first floor.


  • Patients should report to the registration area on the ground floor near the main elevators.
  • Our registration clerks will take your information, register you and direct you to the correct area of the hospital for your procedure.
  • You will need to go through the registration process if you're bringing lab specimens.
  • Take advantage of our Pre-Registration through the MyHealth patient portal for any scheduled appointment you may have at Southeastern Med. You can also pre-register by calling 740.439.8930.


  • Signed doctor's orders for tests
  • Any specimens
  • All medical insurance cards
  • A parent or guardian for patients under the age of 18


Please do NOT register at the front desk. Proceed directly to the endoscopy area on the third floor

Southeastern Med welcomes guests from Cambridge, Guernsey County and all over Southeastern Ohio for quality and effective outpatient procedures.

Do you need to see my insurance card every time?

Yes. Your insurance card contains helpful information for our Billing Office. When we have accurate information from your card, it helps us to know exactly where your claim goes for prompt processing. This helps avoid any delay in payment and prevents you from being billed for a balance your insurance should pay. You should also bring your doctor’s order.

Can I register prior to my date of service?

We encourage pre-registration whenever possible. This helps speed the process when you arrive. It also gives us opportunity to verify your insurance coverage and obtain any needed authorizations for treatment. Take advantage of our Pre-Registration through the MyHealth patient portal for any scheduled appointment you may have at Southeastern Med.

Do you have private rooms available?

Yes! At Southeastern Med almost all of our hospital rooms are private rooms. These rooms are charged as semi-private to you or your insurance company.

Where do I report to for outpatient testing?

Signs in the parking lot will indicate where you should park, and you’ll enter through the main front entrance. The outpatient registration area is located just off the main lobby elevators on the ground floor. Please allow 15 minutes for registration time prior to your scheduled appointment.

Why do I have to answer all those questions in Registration every time I come in? Don’t you have all that information in your computers?

Yes, our computers do retain information about you from your previous visit. However, some of the information may change. For example, your test may be have been ordered by a specialist other than your family doctor. The result must be directed to the ordering physician. Your insurance may be different depending on whether this visit may be for a Worker’s Comp or auto insurance claim. We need to verify information each time to guarantee we have accurate information about you. We also need to obtain your signature for necessary consents.