Did you know that just one person can save or improve the lives of as many as 50 people through the gift of organ and tissue donation?

Across the country, there are nearly 120,000 people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. More than 3,000 are Ohioans. Every day, 18 people will die waiting.

But it’s easy to help fill the need. All you have to do is become a registered organ and tissue donor. You can register online at OrganDonor.gov or DonateLifeOhio.org.

You’re never too old or too sick to help save or improve someone’s life. Being an organ and tissue donor will never compromise the quality of the care you receive. And most religions support and encourage organ donation or leave the decision up to the individual.

Consult our Pastoral Care Department today at 740.439.8190 for more information.