A community medical center like ours is comprised of many moving parts, including patients, physicians, nurses and the equipment and facilities we need to treat people in Cambridge and the surrounding southeastern Ohio communities. Southeastern Med’s Quality Care Management ensures that every aspect of the medical center is working together to provide our friends and neighbors in Guernsey County with a quick recovery in a safe and comfortable environment.

Case Management

An integral part of our health care system, case management helps coordinate treatment for more cost-effective outcomes for both you and our facility. Case management professionals advocate for your needs and ensure that each case is properly attended along the health care chain.

Our case managers pay special attention to your individual needs and guide you to follow medication, dietary and exercise recommendations. They improve access to care, as well as the quality of your treatment and safety. We believe that our exceptional case management services make us the best choice for medical care in the communities of Cambridge, Guernsey County and Southeastern Ohio.

Smoking Cessation

A nicotine addiction is one of the most difficult personal habits to kick. Although cessation is entirely up to you, Southeastern Med's Smoking Cessation Program - known as FreshStart - gives you the resources, support and tips to quit once and for all.