Our nationally certified and Ohio-licensed athletic trainers perform prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of all sports-related injuries for local high school athletes, covering all home events and practices.

Currently, the Southeastern Med Athletic Trainers serve several local schools, including Cambridge High School, Rolling Hills Local Schools, and the John Glenn school district.

Our athletic trainers also help in the following areas:

  • Sports Medicine - Our athletic trainers assist physical therapists and help athletes recover from devastating injuries.
  • Industrial Services - Athletic trainers conduct pre-work screens and run reconditioning programs for industrial patients.
  • PLUS Program - Our athletic trainers coordinate Southeastern Med's Physical activity Link Under licensed Supervision Program to aid patients with their well-being after being discharged from physical therapy.
  • PAV Class - Athletic trainers teach local coaches to meet Ohio requirements for athletics with our PAV class.
  • PEP Classes - PEP is a specialized training program to enhance power, quickness and flexibility of athletes who desire an edge over their opponents.
  • LEAP Classes - Designed to help individuals met their fitness goals, the Life Enhancement Activity Program consists of one-on-one sessions with a certified strength and conditioning specialist, who helps participants become stronger, faster and more physically fit.