At Southeastern Med, we perform more than 300 surgeries every month, and our quality scores for infection prevention are above the state and national average.

We have several surgeons on staff here in Cambridge, including four general surgeons, three gynecological surgeons, one urology surgeon, a podiatric surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, a vascular surgeon, two ear, nose and throat surgeons, ophthalmic surgeons, an oral surgeon, and one neuro surgeon.

With a full-service surgery department available right here at home, you don’t have to travel outside of Southeastern Ohio for quality, convenient surgical care. We use advanced surgical techniques, including laparoscopic colon surgery, cryoablation for prostate surgery, and balloon sinuplasty for ENT surgery.

Whenever possible, we opt for the most minimally invasive surgical techniques because they result in fewer complications and faster recovery times. Most surgeries can even be performed on an outpatient basis.